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    Most of us don't pay attention to the tile and grout as we are busy hurrying about throughout the day. We sweep and mop everyday and for the most part that gets the job done. Tile cleaning services can restore your dingy tile flooring to like new conditions. The great thing about getting a tile and grout cleaning service in Phoenix or in Arizona is there are plenty of tile cleaning companies here that can handle the job. The hard part is finding a company you can afford and trust to get your tile and grout looking like new again. That is where Reddy Carpets comes in. Our Phoenix tile and grout cleaning services are not over the top and complicated. We have a two part system that first loosens that stubborn dirt and then dissolves it. Our special tile and grout cleaning attachment sprays, scrubs and sucks all at the same time. Have more questions? Need a quote? Call today 602-753-5350

  • Phoenix Tile and Grout Cleaning 3 Step System

    Our 3 step tile and grout cleaning service has proven the most effective way to get your home tile and grout clean and bright again:

    Step 1 - The grout is pretreated with our non-abrasive yet highly effective dirt, oil and grease dissolving formula. Within minutes the cleaner begins to work to loosen the build up over the grout to make it easy to remove.


    Step 2 - A special angled grout scrubber is then used to finish off the loosening process to ensure the cleaning agents are fully spread throughout the grout.


    Step 3 - Our unique round, rotating tile and grout scrubber wand sprays hot water to ensure dirt, oil and grease are fully dissolved. This unique high RPM wand sprays, scrubs the tile and grout and lifts up excess water all at the same time. Leaving your tile and grout looking brand new and bright once again.