• Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do I need to move the furniture in each room before the service?

      No. Our special round wand does have a pivoted handle that allows for us to easily get around and under things if you do not wish to move them. If there are items you would like to have moved, we will move them for you and no charge. Keep in mind there are items you will not need to move such as large electronics, bed and couches. The carpet under these items are typically clean since these items usually sit on the carpeted areas unmoved for some time.

    • How long does the carpet cleaning service take?

      Depending on the condition of the carpet, it will take any where from 15 to 25 mins per area. We do pay special attention to high traffic areas such as entry ways and hallways.

    • Do I need to vaccum the carpet prior to my service?

      If you have the time to, yes it is recommended but this is not a requirement to have the service completed.

    • Do you charge per square foot?

      No, our prices are a flat rate per area. All of our services include deodorizer at no charge. The only additional price for a service is for pet stain removal.

    • Is the chemical you use for the carpet cleaning service safe?

      All of our carpet cleaning chemical's are kid and pet friendly.

    • How long does it take for my carpet to dry?

      On average it take about 4 to 8 hours. However depending on the weather, some carpeted areas can be fully dried within an hour.

    • Can I walk on the carpet right after the service is done?

      Yes. We recommend wearing socks and having the pets inside during the drying process to avoid tracking in dirt which will smear on the wet carpet.

    • Do you steam clean?

      Our service is not a steam clean service. It is a high heat extraction service using the top of the line carpet restoration equipment.

    • Do you use truck mounts?

      No, we use top of the line portable extraction units that are built for carpet restoration. We do not use truck mounts for the following reasons:


      The length of the hose will often cause the equipment to lose suction which can leave extra water and dirt in the carpet.


      Dragging the hose thru a home during a service will often track dirt and soil in from the outside.


      Having a portable unit allows us to keep the front door closed during the service since we do not have to bring in a hose attached to a truck. It is is to hot in Arizona during the summer to have the doors even cracked during a potential couple hour service.


      Over the years we have found that portable extraction units with the combined with the round rotating wand that sprays, sucks and scrubs all at the same time will do a superior job.