• Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Our Two Step Carpet Cleaning Service Process

  • Step One

    For our first step, we mix our cleaning agents at every house. This way we know each home has a fresh batch of the cleaner and deodorizer combination being applied to your carpet. We begin the treatment process of the entire carpeted areas with a special mix of pre-treat solution. This step ensures that the stains can start to loosen and dissolve before the actual service begins. We pay special attention to the high traffic areas. Traffic areas are mostly soiled dirt, asphalt dust and oil that you track in from the garage, driveway, parking lot and yard. These stains at times can be even tougher to bring out of the carpet. Which is why a pre-treatment is very important.

  • Step Two

    Our machine cleans your carpet using a citrus derived cleaning agent and a mixture of deodorizer. This way we get the dirt and stains out of your carpet and leave a fresh odor killing scent behind. All of our cleaning agents are kid and pet friendly. We use a hot water extraction machine to get deep down into the padding so stains are less likely to come back. For our hose attachment, we use a state of the art Rotovac 360i Rotary tool that sprays, scrubs, and vacuums in all possible directions all at the same time. The Rotovac is more preferable than the traditional wand in many aspects of the service. The traditional cleaning wand only scrubs in a back and forth motion while the Rotovac scrubs in a circular motion in all directions going over the areas several times as opposed to just 2 or 3 times. Also the Rotovac is weighted (heavy) which helps get deeper into the carpet. All we leave you with is a fresh smelling clean carpet and a smile on your face.

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