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  • When you need carpet cleaning services and a carpet cleaning company for your Avondale home or business finding a carpet cleaning company you can trust. One of the best things about our service is the level of carpet cleaning care we provide. Our carpet care specialists focus on providing a quality deep carpet cleaning service that will rid your home or business of germs, bacteria, smell, dirt and other unwanted things that live in your carpet.

    Providing our Avondale residents with quality and dependable carpet cleaning and floor care services doesn’t mean they pay an arm and a leg.  All of us here at Reddy Carpets are consumers just like you and work hard to keep all of our services budget friendly without compromising a high level of carpet cleaning service.    Ready to schedule your Goodyear home for carpet cleaning service? Call 602-753-5350 or get a quick price on our Carpet Cleaning Quote page.

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  • Have a busy schedule? No worries. Our friendly office staff work hard to make sure we schedule your carpet cleaning service as fast as possible. We offer flexible scheduling options that work around when you need your carpet cleaning Avondale service done.

    We are customers just like you. We have families, kids, obligations, stress and bills just as all of our fellow Avondale residents and business owners. That is why we want to help you get the best carpet cleaning service for your money. Offering affordable and budget friendly prices while providing a great service that will leave you smiling is part of what sets Reddy Carpets apart from everyone else. So call and get a quote today 602-753-5350. If you find it cheaper, in most cases, within reason we can match prices for carpet cleaning services provided in Avondale.